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March 28, 2017


The J5 Myo-monitor is the latest in a succession of products with a history of over thirty-five years of clinical effectiveness. Cervical muscles play a significant role in head posture and consequently may impact occlusion. For years many dentists have stimulated these cervical muscles to relax them as part of the overall diagnosis and treatment process.

The J5 Myo-monitor provides four patient stimulation channels, each left and right pair with its own separate controls.

Now, with the ability to stimulate four muscle sites simultaneously, the J5 helps improve treatment efficacy while saving time for you and the patient.

The J5 Myo-monitor delivers controlled, periodic, bilateral stimulation to help provide muscle relaxation, increased blood circulation and increased range of motion.

It is the only instrument of its type that delivers true bilateral, simultaneous stimulation. It is useful in office procedures for occlusal adjustment and in bite registration for dentures and reconstruction. It is also useful in treatment of some types of TMJ dysfunction and associated pain.


  • Relax masticatory and cervical/upper shoulder muscles and establish a physiologic occlusion
  • Take occlusal registrations
  • Take denture impressions
  • Treat TMJ dysfunction and associated pain
  • Relieve symptoms associated with muscle spasm
  • Increase local blood circulation
  • Increase mandibular range of motion

What the J5 Myo-Monitor Can Do FOR PATIENTS

Enhance Occlusal Evaluation with Cervical Muscle Relaxation

Cervical muscles play a significant role in head posture and consequently may impact occlusion. The J5 Myo-monitor provides four patient stimulation channels, each pair with its own separate controls. Now, with the ability to stimulate masticatory and cervical muscles simultaneously, the J5 enables you to fine tune your occlusal evaluation and bite registrations. The J5 improves treatment efficacy while saving time for you and the patient.

Treatment of TMJ Dysfunction and Associated Pain

Using precisely controlled bilateral stimulation, the J5 Myo-monitor promotes muscle relaxation for relief of symptoms associated with muscle spasm of the masticatory and cervical muscles common to some types of TMJ dysfunction. As the muscles relax, increased mandibular opening can often be measured by the end of the first visit.

Promotes Relief of Symptoms Associated with Muscle Spasm

When pain is resulting from muscle spasm, the J5 offers a safe, drug-free method of treatment. Relief of many head and neck discomforts is achieved through muscle relaxation.
Because the J5 stimulates increased local blood flow, it restores normal muscle physiology as nutrients and oxygen are pumped in and accumulated toxins are flushed out.

Definitive Occlusal Adjustments in Less Time

The J5 helps precisely identify elusive initial points of deflective contact which might otherwise be difficult to find. Once isolated, occlusal adjustment then becomes less time consuming and more conservative of tooth structure.

An Aid in Bite Registrations

The J5 will aid in finding the position of the mandible which is compatible with the patient’s relaxed musculature – physiologic rest position. Additionally, the J5 simplifies impression taking and registration of maxillo-mandibular relationships at the relaxed muscle position and produces precision border molding for dentures.

Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or dentist.

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