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Emergency Dentist: Immediate Relief and Exceptional Care

When dental emergencies strike, time is of the essence, and quality care is paramount. Dr. Dmitry Gorbatov, with over 30 years of experience in Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implantology, is your go-to emergency dentist. Located oceanfront in Hollywood, on the renowned Ocean Drive, his office is poised to provide immediate treatment and swift relief for any emergency dental predicament.

Whether it's an unexpected accident or sudden pain, the need for an emergency dentist can be stressful. With Dr. Gorbatov's renowned expertise and commitment to patient well-being, you can rest assured that your emergency will be handled with unparalleled professionalism and compassion.

  • Broken Tooth Repair: State-of-the-art techniques are employed to restore and repair broken teeth, ensuring functionality and aesthetics.
  • Tooth Trauma: Comprehensive care is provided to address any trauma to the teeth, minimizing discomfort and preserving the integrity of your smile.
  • Tooth Pain: Prompt and effective solutions to alleviate tooth pain, identifying and treating the underlying cause.
  • Loose or Broken Crown: Immediate attention to loose or broken crowns, restoring them securely and with precision.
  • Tooth and Gum Abscess Pain: Expert care to treat painful abscesses, addressing the infection and preventing further complications.
  • Urgent Cosmetic Dental Care: Quick yet masterful handling of cosmetic dental emergencies, maintaining the beauty of your smile.

Why Choose Dr. Gorbatov for Your Emergency Dental Needs?

Dr. Gorbatov's global reputation extends to his proficiency in handling dental emergencies. Alongside his professional team, he cherishes and cares deeply for every patient, ensuring that your emergency dental needs are met with the following:

  • Immediate Response: Timely treatment when it matters most.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilizing the latest dental technologies to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Compassionate Care: Personalized attention that makes your comfort a priority.
  • Flexible Appointments: Adaptable scheduling to accommodate urgent needs.

Emergencies can happen at any time, but with Dr. Gorbatov, your dental emergency is in skilled hands. Make an Appointment today to receive immediate care from a world-class emergency dentist, committed to helping you radiate confidence through enhanced wellbeing and appearance. Experience the best of urgent dental care, uniquely tailored for you, only at Dr. Gorbatov's office.

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Since me and my wife moved to Florida from Nj several years ago, we were looking for good dentist, the one we can trust. We tried a few but were... Read more

Tatiana Lapushchik (Hollywood, FL)

One of the best dental offices in my life. Very professional and cordial staff from the front desk to the dentistry team.

Вадик-Ванадик Vadik-Vanadik

They have the best physicians and hygienists possible. I have never had a cleaning as thoroughly as lily. They also did an amazing job on my Invisalign

Jamal Mustafa

Great service Knowledgeable doctor Friendly staff 5+ stars!! Someone hacked into my account and gave false review. Not me!!! Outstanding service @ Dr Gorbatov Dentistry!!!!

Ellen Zlobinskiy (Hallandale Beach, FL)

I had a wonderful experience at the office of Dr Gorbatov , great attitude of all here , the work I have done was painless, I would highly recommend Dr... Read more

Hans Werner

Always highly satisfied with Dr.Gorbatov and his lovely staff. Very professional and kind , Happy Holidays !!

Haleigh Podrazik

I went to the office to get teeth cleaning! The receptionist was overwhelmed with something, but she was the sweetest. My dental hygienist did great job, made sure I feel... Read more

Elizaveta C. (Miami, FL)

Thank you Dr. Gorbatov for the great experience, your gentle touch and quality work you have done on my teeth. I have been very pleased with your professional, yet personable... Read more

Irina D. (Port Orange, FL)

Dr. Gorbatov was very thorough and went over all concerns I had (I'm not really a fan of the dentist). He is definitely the nicest Dentist I have ever been... Read more

Sofia Rodriguez (Hallandale Beach, FL)

Nello studio del dott Gorbatov ,Il dottore e il suo team sono stati disponibili e gentili , coccolano il paziente e sono stata seguita a 360 gradi ....Il dottore mi... Read more

Martina D’Alessio

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