Guided Tissue Regeneration

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Guided Tissue Regeneration

Guided bone regeneration, also known as GBR, and guided tissue regeneration, or GTR, are transformative dental surgical procedures performed at our world-renowned dental practice located on Ocean Drive, oceanfront in Hollywood. These cutting-edge techniques utilize specialized barrier membranes to meticulously direct the growth of new bone and gingival tissue in sites where there may be insufficient volumes or dimensions of bone or gingiva for proper function, aesthetics, or prosthetic restoration.

GBR, sharing similarities with guided tissue regeneration (GTR), emphasizes the development of hard tissues in conjunction with the soft tissues of the periodontal attachment. This is particularly vital in today’s advanced cosmetic and implant dentistry. At present, guided bone regeneration is predominantly applied in the oral cavity to support new hard tissue growth on an alveolar ridge, ensuring the stable placement of dental implants. When combined with bone grafting and sound surgical technique, GBR stands as a highly reliable and validated procedure, indicative of the superior dental care provided at Gorbatov Dentistry.

These specialized procedures are performed through four carefully planned stages, encapsulated with the acronym PASS:

  1. Primary closure of the wound to promote undisturbed and uninterrupted healing, essential for successful tissue integration.
  2. Angiogenesis to provide the necessary blood supply and undifferentiated mesenchymal cells, crucial for regeneration and healing.
  3. Space creation and maintenance to facilitate space for bone in-growth, paving the way for optimal structural integrity.
  4. Stability of the wound to induce blood clot formation and allow uneventful healing, ensuring a seamless recovery process.

Guided Tissue and Bone Regeneration are only a few of the many specialized services offered at our premier dental practice. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Dmitry Gorbatov’s expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implantology has become synonymous with excellence. His reputation has attracted patients from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and many others, seeking top-tier dental care.

If you are considering a procedure that will redefine your smile and enhance your overall wellbeing, look no further than our distinguished practice. We invite you to explore the myriad of possibilities at Gorbatov Dentistry, where we cherish and care deeply for every patient, helping them radiate confidence through their enhanced appearance. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey towards a renewed smile.

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Amazing doctor and very friendly and professional stuff! Definitely the best doctor in Miami!

Lily AA

Wonderful dental office and staff. Dr. Gorbatov is one of the best in the industry, very knowledgeable and patient. Highly recommend.

Eugenia Mize

I would like say that this office is at the TOP of my list. The staff is awesome, it is very clean and you made at home as soon as... Read more

Jazlyne Jimenez (Lake Worth, FL)

Well I’ve been going to Dr. Gorbatov since 1996.... Yes ! I’m a loyal. With all the dental issues I’ve had, he’s been able to resolve them and been keeping... Read more

Burke Crump (Wellington, FL)

I highly recommend Dr.Gorbatov dentistry . I tried so many doctors and finally I found people who knows what they do, I can trust my and my family to them.... Read more

Nuriya Deberdeeva

Thanks to Dr. Gorbatov and his assistant Lidi for my dazzling Hollywood smile and caring atmosphere during procedures. Highly recommend this clinic 😁🎉

Cornelia Gordila

No teeth fell out mid cleaning. 10/10

Erik Purdy (West Palm Beach, FL)

Always highly satisfied with Dr.Gorbatov and his lovely staff. Very professional and kind , Happy Holidays !!

Haleigh Podrazik

I have lived and worked all over North America. One of the greatest challenges of relocating is finding the best dental practice. "Center For Dental Excellence" was recommended to me... Read more

Gregory Sutton (Wellington, FL)

Very professional office , sweet people. Love this place . I really recommend it . I went for an emergency dentist issue and I would hoped tolived in this city... Read more

Ingry Rodriguez

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