Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing)

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Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing): The Path to Gum Health

Deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, is more than a routine procedure. It is an essential step in preventing and treating gum disease, preserving the integrity of your teeth, and enhancing overall wellness. Learn everything you need to know about this procedure at our upscale dental office.

What Is Root Planing and Scaling?

Root planing and scaling is an advanced procedure performed at world-class dental facilities like Gorbatov Dentistry, designed to treat gum disease at its early stages. This meticulous cleaning process reaches the area between the gums and teeth, extending down to the roots, where regular cleanings can't reach. For optimal comfort, a local anesthetic might be used to numb your gums and teeth.

Our highly skilled dental hygienists might utilize an ultrasonic tool for the planing and scaling, which many patients find more comfortable than traditional scraping tools. However, not all cleanings require this specialized equipment.

In certain cases, your dentist, Dr. Dmitry Gorbatov, may place antibiotic fibers into the pockets between your teeth and gums. This antibiotic treatment aids in healing and helps prevent any potential infection. The fibers will be removed about a week after the procedure, ensuring a smooth recovery process.

What to Expect After Treatment

If anesthesia is used, you may experience numbness in your lips and gums for a few hours post-procedure. However, scaling and root planing are generally associated with little or no discomfort. Our professional team at Gorbatov Dentistry ensures that you feel at ease during the entire process.

Why It Is Done

Root planing and scaling are typically performed when gums have begun to pull away from the teeth or when hard mineral deposits (tartar) are found on the roots. It's an essential procedure to halt the progression of gum disease and maintain the elegance of your smile.

How Well It Works

With proper ongoing dental care following the treatment at our oceanfront office on Ocean Drive, the progression of gum disease should cease, and your gums will heal, returning to a healthy, firm, and pink state.


While scaling and root planing are generally safe procedures, they can introduce harmful bacteria into the bloodstream, and the gum tissue may be at risk of infection. Specific precautions and antibiotics may be required for those with certain medical conditions or those at high risk for severe infections. Dr. Gorbatov will conduct a thorough assessment to ensure your safety and comfort.

  • Have certain heart problems that make you susceptible to a heart infection called endocarditis.
  • Have an impaired immune system.
  • Had recent major surgeries or possess artificial body parts, such as an artificial hip or heart valve.

What to Think About

  • Root planing and scaling is an effective procedure performed in our upscale dental office that can significantly halt gum disease.
  • Regular brushing and flossing post-procedure are vital to continued oral health. Dr. Gorbatov and his team are here to guide you on the path to optimal dental hygiene.
  • For the best healing results, consider quitting smoking or using spit tobacco. Your overall health and the appearance of your smile are our utmost priority.

At Gorbatov Dentistry, we strive to provide transformative experiences through comprehensive dental treatments like scaling and root planing. We invite you to contact us today and discover how we can help you radiate confidence through enhanced well-being and appearance.

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