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Embrace a Healthier Approach with Biological Dentistry at Gorbatov Dentistry

At Gorbatov Dentistry, Biological Dentistry is more than a practice; it's a commitment to prioritizing your health. By utilizing non-toxic materials and conservative techniques, we aim to prevent dental issues such as tooth decay, disease, and loss, without exposing you to harmful toxins and radiation.

With advancements in dental technology and understanding, we at Gorbatov Dentistry, located on Ocean Drive in Hollywood, are dedicated to providing dental care that is not only effective but also environmentally friendly and individualized. Biological Dentistry represents a responsible approach to dental care that resonates with our commitment to holistic well-being.

The Intersection of Oral Medicine and Dental Toxicology – A Closer Look at Biological Dentistry with Dr. Gorbatov

Oral medicine in the context of Biological Dentistry focuses on multiple facets. It includes catering to medically compromised patients, understanding the relationship between oral conditions and overall health, and evaluating the effects of dental materials and procedures on the body.

Dr. Dmitry Gorbatov, with over 30 years of experience, recognizes the importance of biocompatibility in materials and procedures, striving to minimize potential harmful effects. The guiding principle at Gorbatov Dentistry is "Do no harm," emphasizing continuous refinement and sensitivity to individual patient responses.

Why Choose Biocompatible Materials? A Focus on Patients’ Well-Being at Gorbatov Dentistry

In a survey conducted in 2001, only 4% of respondents prioritized biocompatibility when choosing dental filling materials. Many believe that issues surrounding the toxicity of dental materials are resolved. However, our extensive research and practice at Gorbatov Dentistry show that materials can range from benign to toxic.

By making informed distinctions among available materials and procedures, we reduce the impact on our patients' biological responses. Our duty to your well-being makes biocompatibility a high value. We offer a wide range of options that prioritize safety without compromising on aesthetics and durability.

Biological Dentistry at Gorbatov Dentistry is not a new specialty but an essential attitude that permeates our approach. Our mission is always to seek the safest, least toxic way to provide treatment, enhancing your well-being without negatively affecting your biological terrain. Visit our oceanfront office in Hollywood, neighboring Hallandale Beach and Sunny Isles Beach, for world-class cosmetic dental services that prioritize your health.

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