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Cosmetic Gum Lifting – a modern solution for a charming smile

Cosmetic Gum Lifting – is a predictable and easy way to correct “gummy smile” and make your smile more attractive.

A gum lift or gingivectomy, offered at Gorbatov Dentistry, is an upscale procedure that reshapes the gums to craft a more pleasing smile. This transformation can be for various reasons: some people's gums have not receded after the permanent tooth erupts, while others may have lips that expose a lot of gum when smiling. Moreover, in certain instances, gums can recede over time, exposing more of the tooth surface than desired.

Having a "gummy" smile may affect how a person feels about their appearance. Undergoing a gum lifting procedure at Gorbatov Dentistry is akin to a face lift for those who are unhappy with wrinkles or saggy eyelids; it's a high-class cosmetic procedure designed to boost both appearance and self-confidence. Usually, gum lifts focus on the front teeth, enhancing the ones most visible when a person smiles.

In the hands of a less skilled practitioner, a gum lift could once be a painful dental treatment. It would involve cutting the gums, stitches, and a lengthy recovery period. Now, thanks to advanced technology at our oceanfront office in Hollywood, near Hallandale Beach and Sunny Isles Beach, it can be performed with lasers, ensuring minimal recovery. Patients often only need over-the-counter pain relievers for a short time post-procedure and can resume normal eating and drinking within a day.

The procedure starts with the administering of local anesthesia. Dr. Dmitry Gorbatov then skillfully cuts and reshapes the gum line to craft a more even and visually appealing contour. The innovative use of lasers automatically seals off blood vessels, virtually eliminating bleeding. Whether the gums need to be lowered or raised, the procedure is swift and meticulously performed.

Gum lifting is particularly beneficial when a patient is also receiving other top-notch cosmetic dentistry services, such as ceramic veneers. For instance, having even gums adds to the visual appeal of veneers. Post-procedure, it's essential to follow Dr. Gorbatov's instructions to prevent infection and maintain that beautiful smile. Regular follow-up visits to the office are equally crucial.

Choosing the right dentist for this delicate procedure is vital. With over 30 years of experience in Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implantology, and an education from New York University Dental School and the Moscow Dental Institute, Dr. Gorbatov stands as a symbol of excellence in the field. The importance of experience in performing a gum lift cannot be overstated, as removing too much gum can expose areas of the tooth that should remain concealed. When done by a seasoned professional like Dr. Gorbatov, a gum lift can indeed revolutionize your appearance, giving you a truly beautiful and winning smile.

If you're seeking to enhance your wellbeing and appearance, with a commitment to excellence that extends globally, don't hesitate to schedule your visit to our office. To embark on a transformative experience and radiate confidence with a comprehensive smile makeover, make your appointment today by visiting our appointment page.

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