Physiologic Based Dentistry

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Physiologic Based Dentistry: A Comprehensive Approach to Oral Healthcare

Physiologic Based Science defines a multifaceted approach that strives to discover the stable physiologic neutral zone, setting the foundation for optimal oral health. Traditional occlusal theories primarily focused on the hard tissue structures but lacked a complete perspective to deliver predictable results. Physiologic Based Dentistry brings together the soft tissue analysis, the hard tissue science, and a deeper understanding of the human body's biology, leading to long-term stability, enhanced aesthetics, and overall well-being.

If you wish to explore the remarkable benefits of Physiologic Based Dentistry and unveil a revitalized, harmonious smile, Gorbatov Dentistry offers advanced treatment options, guided by the profound expertise of Dr. Dmitry Gorbatov. Our exclusive dental office on Ocean Drive provides world-renowned services, reflecting over three decades of mastery in the field.

  1. Recognizing the Human Factor: The body's functionality extends beyond mechanical aspects. The stomatognathic system connects intricately to the anatomy and physiology of the entire body.
  2. Posture and Connectivity: Evaluating the oral complex necessitates a broader understanding of posture, acknowledging that the “bite” influences the body from head to toe.
  3. Adaptation and Dysfunction: While the body strives to self-correct, exceeding its adaptive capacity leads to symptoms and dysfunction, possibly causing severe issues.
  4. Decompression and Health: Optimal physiologic function requires a decompressed state, ensuring proper blood and lymphatic circulation, which in turn contributes to well-being and pain relief.
  5. Resting Position: The jaw's resting position must originate from a physiologically relaxed stance to avoid destabilizing tension.
  6. Jaw Movement and Occlusion: Comfort in jaw movement, including the final Centric Occlusion, is vital for effective function.
  7. Ultra Low Frequency TENS: An invaluable tool to stimulate muscle relaxation.
  8. Objective Measurement: An art and science in dentistry, objective measurement and recording contribute to successful treatment outcomes.
  9. Electromyography (EMG): Essential for assessing muscles, EMG offers efficiency in measuring both resting and functional states.
  10. Low Resting EMG: Muscles at rest should exhibit low readings, enabling a more ideal therapeutic outcome.
  11. Muscle Recruitment: Optimal function necessitates the recruitment of mastication muscles.
  12. Understanding TMD: TMD presents a range of dysfunctional issues, often mimicking other ailments. More information about TMD dysfunction is available on our website.

Discover a new horizon in dental care at Gorbatov Dentistry, where every patient is cherished. Our exceptional care extends to celebrities, international visitors, and local residents, all benefiting from our commitment to excellence. Schedule your appointment today to experience a transformative journey towards enhanced wellbeing and appearance.

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Dr. Gorbatov is one of the most wonderful professionals I’ve ever been to. His team is very kind, professional and caring. One of the best dentist’s experiences I’ve ever had.

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The best service and people ever! I love the atmosphere here and the work that was done! Thank you! Highly recommended!!!❤️

Ulka Hovyc

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