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Family Dentistry – Comprehensive Dental Care for Every Generation

Family dentistry at Gorbatov Dentistry is more than just general dental care; it's a dedicated practice focusing on the oral health needs of individuals at every stage of life. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Gorbatov, our team is prepared to offer dental care to children as young as one year old, continuing to provide world-class dental services throughout their lives. To increase convenience for families with diverse age groups, we can arrange simultaneous appointments for multiple family members.

Family Dentistry Services Tailored to You

When choosing a family dentist, you deserve assurance that all dental needs of every family member will be met with utmost precision and care. Our highly trained professionals offer a spectrum of services designed to meet the unique requirements of each individual within your household. Services at our upscale clinic include:

  • Regularly scheduled cleanings and examinations
  • Dental fillings
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Orthodontics
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Dentures and partial dentures
  • Dental implants

In addition, our practice provides an array of cosmetic dentistry treatments to correct aesthetic imperfections, as well as specialized neuromuscular dentistry treatments for painful and limiting conditions such as TMJ.

At Gorbatov Dentistry, our commitment goes beyond treating symptoms; we strive to be a one-stop destination for all your family's dental needs. Your questions and concerns are valuable to us, and we eagerly look forward to discussing how we can help every member of your family attain and sustain optimal oral health and aesthetics.

Building Comfort and Confidence Through Gentle Care

Regular visits are vital not only for your child's oral health but also for nurturing a positive dental experience, reducing the risk of dental apprehension. Our compassionate dentists have a refined touch and know how to engage with children to foster both confidence and comfort. Biannual visits to our oceanfront office on Ocean Drive offer a chance to encourage healthy habits that can endure a lifetime.

If you reside in or around the Hollywood, FL or Miami metropolitan area and wish to discover how we can support your family's dental needs, please contact our experienced family dentists at Gorbatov Dentistry today by calling (954) 458-9999 or complete our online form. Allow us to be part of your family's journey towards radiant smiles and enhanced well-being.

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They have the best physicians and hygienists possible. I have never had a cleaning as thoroughly as lily. They also did an amazing job on my Invisalign

Jamal Mustafa

Great Dentist and Team. Fantastic experience and service. My husband had a dental emergency while on vacation and Anna got us in immediately. Dr. Gorbatov is very attentative and caring... Read more

Giannotti Jessi

I'm so happy . This place are so Profesional. Doctor and assistant Lidy was wonderful. Amazing cosmetic dentist office. I 100% recommend doctor Gorbatov and His assistant Lidy. Thank you... Read more

Sosima Sanabria

Dr. Gorbatov Dmitry - Doctor with a capital letter. Many thanks to the doctor and his team. The clinic employs real experts in their field.It's amazing, but after visiting Dr.... Read more

Yulia Dobrynina

Had a great experience with Dr.Gorbatov, he is really professional and doing great his job always with a smile)) Definitely recommending him

Tanya Kusiumova (Sunny Isles Beach, FL)

This is the best dental office I’m attending. The dentist and his staff was very knowledgeable. I would recommend this office to my friends.

Irene Fishberg

I had a great experience with Dr. Dmitry Gorbatov. He was able to save my tooth from getting a root canal. All the staff was really nice, and attentive. I... Read more

Arthur R. (North Miami Beach, FL)

Great staff I was nervous but they made me feel at ease. I am confident that they will give me the smile that I airways wanted. The receptionist personality is... Read more

Uuggh uggh (West Palm Beach, FL)

The best Doctor and assistants, who really care about their patients and work professionally. They helped me to save a tooth, when other doctor refused to do so, and what... Read more


I have been having a lot of issues with my teeth for quiet some time, including broken molars and bad procedures at other dental facilities. I came to Dr. Gorbatov... Read more

Felix Spengler (Miami, FL)

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