Power of the Right Bite

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Power of the Right Bite

There are six basic principles of occlusion:

Attaining the correct bite is not merely a process of aligning teeth, but rather a complex approach to ensuring optimal oral health and functionality. At Gorbatov Dentistry, our experienced dental professionals employ comprehensive methods to accurately evaluate and correct occlusal issues, leveraging over 30 years of experience in the field. Here's a glimpse into the principles we follow:

  1. Musculoskeletal Occlusal Signs and Symptoms must be adequately evaluated. Understanding the muscle and joint interaction is essential to ascertain the underlying issues that might be causing discomfort or misalignment. We conduct a thorough examination to provide the best possible treatment approach.
  2. The process starts from the foundation of PHYSIOLOGIC REST and this is a position found without manual manipulation of the patient. This physiologic position is utilized for both diagnosis and treatment. Through cutting-edge EMGS technology, we precisely measure this position, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality.
  3. The unique open and close trajectory of the individual must be considered as a starting point in establishing the bite. Recognizing the individual's specific jaw movement patterns allows for a personalized treatment plan that aligns with the patient's natural mechanics.
  4. Physiologic comfort of the masticatory muscles is critical in creating long term success. At our oceanfront office in Hollywood, we prioritize your comfort, using advanced methods to achieve a relaxed and natural bite that supports the longevity of your dental health.
  5. The Micro-occlusion allows for clean entry into and exit from the centric occlusion. This eliminates noxious proprioceptive stimulus that would otherwise create disharmony and dysfunction. By focusing on the microscopic aspects of occlusion, we ensure a harmonious and fully functional bite.
  6. Parameters of occlusion can and should be OBJECTIVELY measured. As with any treatment, diagnostic and outcome evaluations should be made. Utilizing tools like EMGS and computerized force measuring devices (T-Scan), we confidently adjust the bite to its proper position and maximum functioning force. Our world-class services have extended to patients from various parts of the world, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Your oral health plays a vital role in your overall well-being. Dr. Dmitry Gorbatov and his professional team are dedicated to providing top-notch dental care that radiates confidence and enhances appearance. With our upscale dental services, you're not just getting a treatment, but a transformative experience. If you're looking to ensure the optimal alignment and health of your teeth, we warmly invite you to schedule an appointment with us today.

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Staff was so kind from start to finish. Dr Gorbatov was so gentle I didn’t feel a thing. My teeth look beautiful! Would recommend to anyone

erika castro

I've been going here for a few years now. I'm a periomaintenance case, so I'm in four times a year. The hygienists do a great job, provide me with excellent... Read more

Devin Scheller

The best service and people ever! I love the atmosphere here and the work that was done! Thank you! Highly recommended!!!❤️

Ulka Hovyc

They have the best physicians and hygienists possible. I have never had a cleaning as thoroughly as lily. They also did an amazing job on my Invisalign

Jamal Mustafa

High-level professionals. Thank you, Dr. Gorbatov. I'm going to recommend your clinic to my friends. With best regards!

Vlad Shishko (Sunny Isles, FL)

Awesome service. Highly recommended

Iliana Gonzalez (Royal Palm Beach, FL)

Great service Knowledgeable doctor Friendly staff 5+ stars!! Someone hacked into my account and gave false review. Not me!!! Outstanding service @ Dr Gorbatov Dentistry!!!!

Ellen Zlobinskiy (Hallandale Beach, FL)

My experience here was absolutely great!. From Anna who I first spoke to about an appointment to Lida and Patricia who made me feel relaxed and comfortable during my procedure.... Read more

sean scott

Today I visited Dr. Gorbatov office for the first time. I am from Moscow, last time I had my dental exam in Russia I was pleased however coming to this... Read more

Roman AR

My experience was great.Doctor is very professional.I really recommend.The best place to go for your dental.

Olga Meverden (Sunny Isles Beach, FL)

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