T-Scan Occlusal Analysis

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T-Scan Occlusal Analysis: Precision and Excellence at the Dental Office of Dr. Gorbatov

In the world-class dental care provided at Dr. Gorbatov's oceanfront office in Hollywood, FL, technology takes center stage. The T-Scan is a remarkable tool utilized by Dr. Gorbatov that offers both force measurement and diagnostic capabilities.

This state-of-the-art tool records bite force, allowing Dr. Gorbatov to do so with unparalleled accuracy compared to traditional manual methods. It is leveraged in various ways, providing a multitude of benefits to patients.

Comprehensive Uses for T-Scan in Dentistry

The T-Scan serves a diverse array of applications, from fundamental dental procedures to specialized treatments in periodontal care, orthodontics, TMJ disorder treatment, implant dentistry, and more. It's an essential tool for pinpointing the sources of tooth pain, crafting customized dental appliances in removable prosthetic dentistry, and creating a comfortable and well-aligned bite.

Equipped with patient-friendly software that features 3D and 2D images, the T-Scan facilitates both dentist and laboratory work while also enhancing patient education. This leading-edge technology eliminates guesswork, promotes precise adjustments, and ensures a more comfortable dental experience. By recording timing and force, it bridges the gap where traditional articulating paper marks may fall short.

Through bite analysis and pressure measurement, the T-Scan provides invaluable insights. A single bite on an ultra-thin sensor furnishes all the essential data, paving the way for targeted and efficient treatment.

Choosing a dental provider who leverages contemporary technology is vital for receiving top-tier care. Dentists in Hollywood, FL, such as Dr. Dmitry Gorbatov, DDS, Ph.S., adopt the most advanced technological solutions to enhance patient outcomes through minimally invasive procedures. Today's dental diagnostics tools, such as the T-Scan, open doors to a wealth of benefits and a superior dental appointment experience.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Gorbatov extends his expertise across general and preventive dentistry, cosmetic reconstructions, neuromuscular, and restorative areas, integrating technology like the T-Scan. If you seek excellence in dental care, we cordially invite you to schedule an appointment at our upscale dental office, neighboring Hallandale Beach and Sunny Isles Beach. Experience a new level of precision and care with the T-Scan at Gorbatov Dentistry.

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Very professional office. Good dentist.Clean dental office

Anna K. (Hollywood, FL)

I usually don't like to go to dentists, but they were very professional and good

Ann Marie Caruso

I’m very grateful for the work that Dr. Gorbatov did! Very professional and knowledgeable.Highly recommended!☺️


Dr. Gorbatov is one of the most wonderful professionals I’ve ever been to. His team is very kind, professional and caring. One of the best dentist’s experiences I’ve ever had.

Yana Dmitrieva

This is the best dental office!!!. Everyone is very nice and professional. Dr Gorbatov and the Hygienist Lilia have golden hands. No discomfort at all. I Highly recommend Dr Gorbatov... Read more

Al Chaviano

They have the best physicians and hygienists possible. I have never had a cleaning as thoroughly as lily. They also did an amazing job on my Invisalign

Jamal Mustafa

Well I’ve been going to Dr. Gorbatov since 1996.... Yes ! I’m a loyal. With all the dental issues I’ve had, he’s been able to resolve them and been keeping... Read more

Burke Crump (Wellington, FL)

Excellent staff and the doctor!It took me almost 2 years to find a qualified doctor who will insert two zirconium implants. Dr Gorbachev took his time to explain me the... Read more

Monica Nowak

I don’t usually post reviews but wanted to give a shot out to DR. Gorbatov and his staff at the office. While vacationing in Florida last week, I had unbearable... Read more

Alla Cotler

I want to say that I never write reviews. However I have to say that this dentist center is amazing! From the moment you enter you feel like family. Everyone... Read more

Lisa Jerkins (Wellington, FL)

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