Michelle Kawas

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I came to Dr. Gorbatov wanting a new smile. My front teeth were worn and tired at the young age of 43. I wanted something very natural, nothing too obvious but perfect at the same time. He was very receptive, knowledgeable and explained things to me clearly and thoroughly. He gave me a lecture on veneers and I must say I had never been informed so thoroughly. He made sure I understood and learned about the procedure. He knew right away what I wanted. He started to work on my teeth promptly with his staff who at every single visit treated me nicely and with much respect. His office is a very relaxed setting for dentistry, I could see beautiful blue skies and swaying palm trees from the window while he worked his magic in my mouth. Although there was a small delay due to a subtle discrepancy with the lab he works with, my veneers came out beautifully. He worked with my needs every step of the way. Because wearing temporary teeth is not easy, he made sure they were the most comfortable and good looking ones possible. Needless to say I now have the teeth I wanted and even better. I feel so much more confident and eager to smile! His vast experience and amazing sense of humor made the whole process the very best! I highly recommend Dr. Gorbatov and his practice for any dental needs, especially cosmetic!

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