The effects of amalgam fillings on the Fetus, Nursing Baby, and Child

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September 9, 2019

A person's first exposure to mercury from amalgam fillings can occur at the moment of conception.

If the mother has mercury fillings in her teeth the fetus will not only be exposed to mercury released from its mother's fillings at the moment of conception. But throughout the entire gestation period.

This means that the fetus is being exposed to poisonous elemental mercury from dental fillings before it even has a tooth.

The mercury vapor released from silver fillings is more toxic to the fetus and nursing baby. Mercury is known to cause birth defects and learning and developmental disorders.

Studies have proven that mercury can:

  1. Cause or contribute to autism or any other infant or childhood learning or developmental disorder.
  2. Negatively affect both short and long term the immune system of the baby and child.
  3. Contribute to range other health issues in infancy, early childhood and as an adult.

Mercury the most coming and known disorders are autism, attention deficit disorder.

Autism symptoms of manifestation are nearly identical with those exhibited by mercury poisoning which are problems with speech, language, hearing and motor development.

Mercury is classified as mutagenic substance, causes a permanent change in genetic material, resulting in a mutation. It disrupts the growth and development of the embryo and fetus, leading to neurological and central nervous system disorders.

The Fetus doesn’t have its own immune system or a blood-brain barrier, nor can it eliminate mercury.

In short, the fetus has no protection against mercury.

We encourage every woman of childbearing age to have these toxic fillings safely removed prior to becoming pregnant in order to save new generations and your own kids from the cause of birth defects and learning and developmental disorders.

Our office is providing services for safely removing mercury fillings and mercury detoxification from your body.

Do not postpone it till tomorrow, call us now and protect your health and health of your child.

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