How to Prepare for Root Canal Therapy

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July 26, 2016

If you need a root canal to treat a diseased tooth, you may be wary of the procedure. Many people conjure images of painful procedures followed by days of recovery. But root canal therapy can be quite gentle, particularly if you prepare beforehand. Here are some ways to prepare for your root canal treatment.

1. Ask Your Dentist About Antibiotics

If your tooth is already infected, having any kind of treatment could cause quite a bit of pain and discomfort. But your dentist can prescribe you antibiotics to clear the tooth of infection, which will help to keep the pain at a minimum. This can also shorten recovery time as well.

2. Take Ibuprofen Before the Procedure

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory medication. Your dentist may recommend that you take over-the-counter ibuprofen on the day of the procedure prior to your appointment to help ease any swelling that may be present. This will make the procedure more comfortable.

3. Do Not Smoke or Drink Alcohol

Your Springfield, OR dentist recommends avoiding alcohol and tobacco products for at least 24 hours before your appointment. It is also recommended that you not smoke for at least 72 hours after your root canal therapy is complete. Smoking and drinking can slow healing times and cause potential complications.

4. Eat a Good Meal

Prior to your appointment, you'll want to make sure you eat a satisfying meal. If your mouth is numbed with a local anesthetic for the procedure, you likely won't be able to eat for several hours until the numbness goes away. You will also need to eat soft foods and soups for the first few days of recovery. Nourish your body prior to your root canal therapy.

5. Discuss The Procedure With Your Dentist

Make sure you discuss the procedure in detail with your Hollywood, FL dentist. You'll want your dentist's advice on preparing for the treatment and handling recovery afterward.

If you need root canal therapy, you'll want to find a dentist who specializes in offering this treatment. Not all dentists offer root canals. DG Dentistry in Hollywood, FL offers general dentistry as well as root canal therapy. Schedule an appointment today to find out how a root canal can help save your tooth.

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