How important is it to have an attractive smile?

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August 4, 2017

The Invisalign Smile Survey was conducted by phone by Harris Interactive on behalf of Align Technology Inc.  The study was conducted on a representative sample of 1,000 American adults, both men and women, between 18 and 50 years of age.  The poll explored the importance of smiles in relation to business and careers, dating and marriage, the social arena, and the overall value of smiles and self-esteem.


How Important is it to Have an Attractive Smile?

Important for Ideal Date: 84%

Important for Succeeding at Work: 75%

Important for Getting the Job of Your Dreams: 74%

Important for Making New Friends: 71%


94% of those polled said they are likely to notice a person’s smile when they meet them for the first time. People are less likely to notice someone’s eyes, height or figure.

71% believe people with a nice smile make friends more easily than people with crooked teeth.

Over one-third agree bad teeth overshadows the rest of a person’s appearance.

An overwhelming majority of adults (85%) consider a person’t smile to be very important at initial meeting.


64% agree that people with a nice smile are more outgoing.

77% think that wearing braces as an adult makes a person feel self-conscious.

Over one-third of adults would trade a trip abroad, a new wardrobe or other aesthetic surgery for straight teeth.

87% think one’s smile is very important to their self-esteem.

When asked which facial characteristic they would change if they could, one in four adults (25%)would change their teeth/smile, while 17% would change their skin and 13% would change their nose.


84% of adults perceive having an attractive smile as important for getting a date with Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Over on-third would not be likely to set up their best friend on a blind date with someone with crooked teeth.

One-third would not be likely to kiss someone with crooked teeth.

An overwhelming majority of adults (85%) consider a person’s smile to be very important at first meeting.

Almost 9 out of 10 (86%) think people with good teeth are more attractive to the opposite sex.


74% perceive an attractive smile as important for getting the job of their dreams.

Over 1/3 agree that a person with bad teeth gets fewer job promotions.

Three out of four adults (75%) think an attractive smile is important for succeeding in the workplace.


45% agree that bad teeth are a sign of bad personal hygiene.

Only 19% would be likely to share a bite of their sandwich or ice cream cone with someone with crooked teeth.

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