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April 18, 2024

Hello, dear friends! I’m Dr. Dmitry Gorbatov, proudly serving the community of Hollywood, Florida for over 30 years in cosmetic and holistic dentistry, right on South Ocean Drive.

Today, let’s delve into the innovative realm of non-invasive dental implant placement, a method we proudly specialize in at our practice. This technique marks a significant departure from traditional implant procedures, offering a seamless and more comfortable experience for our patients.

Traditional vs. Non-Invasive Implant Techniques

In traditional implant placement, the procedure involves cutting open the gums to insert the implants directly into the jawbone, followed by suturing back the soft tissues. This method, while effective, often results in considerable discomfort, extended healing times, and typically necessitates a second surgery.

Our Approach: Non-Invasive Dental Implant Placement

At our clinic, we adopt a cutting-edge approach that spares you the discomfort and lengthy recovery associated with traditional methods. Here’s how we do it:

  • Preparation: Utilizing advanced 3D scanning technology, we meticulously assess the jaw, soft tissues, and bone structure to precisely pinpoint optimal implant placement areas.
  • Procedure: Instead of making incisions, we use a specialized punch tool to create a small opening in the gum, through which the implant is directly placed. This method greatly minimizes tissue damage.
  • Immediate Healing Caps: We install healing caps during the initial surgery, effectively combining two procedural phases into one and reducing overall treatment time.

Advantages of Non-Invasive Implant Placement

  • Minimal Discomfort: Most patients require only a day’s worth of painkillers, with many reporting no discomfort the following day.
  • Quick Recovery: The absence of cuts and reduced tissue manipulation leads to a remarkably swift healing process.
  • Convenience: This method is ideal for out-of-town patients, allowing for a quick return to daily activities without extended downtime.

Final Steps and Aesthetics

Once the implant has successfully integrated with the bone, the final aesthetic adjustments are straightforward and pain-free. Impressions are taken without the need for anesthetics, and after finalizing the occlusal adjustments, your new smile is ready to dazzle.

If you’re considering dental implants and are intrigued by the possibility of a non-invasive approach, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to answer any questions and determine if this innovative procedure is right for you.

Thank you for joining me today, and please remember to subscribe to our channel for more insights into modern dental solutions. Have a fantastic day and keep smiling, knowing your dental health is in caring hands.

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A wonderful place where professionals work! They found the problem in a minute and immediately helped with its solution👍🏻

Евгения Салабута

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Karol Rodriguez

Been going here forever and they do an excellent job with all your dental needs and even with cosmetic dentistry as well!

Lauren Harris (Lake Worth, FL)

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Myriam Harter

I've been looking for a good dentist since So. FL lacks them. Not anymore, great professional services, and best of all, you will find a personal touch. You will truly... Read more

ML GG (Aventura, FL)

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Sharon Shields

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Lyn F (Wellington, FL)

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Tatiana Lapushchik (Hollywood, FL)

Very friendly and professional attitude by Dr Gorbatov and his team!Thanks a lot!Will recommend to my friand relatives.

Ada Friedman

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