Kristina Rakova

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The best dentist ever!!! I have been living with a drill lodged in my mouth for more than two years after it snapped off during a routine visit to the dentist, who unfortunately turned out to be non-professional and decided to leave the drill in the roof channel and seal the teeth without removing a piece of metal from it. My whole left side was infected. The infection had passed into Abscess, I could not hold the pain anymore. Medics weren’t able to retrieve the metal from my jaw, despite several consultations with some of the best dentist in Miami…. Luckily, I called to Gorbatov Dentistry, I spoke to the manager Anna , she was extremely nice, she gave an appointment for the next date. Anna was very knowledgeable about the insurance. I could not pay for everything but she helped me with financing. They offer Care Credit. The office employees were very friendly, efficient and professional. They were quick, efficient and absolutely gentle, considering the situation. Extremely huge thank you to dental assistant Lidi who was holding my hand during surgery. Thank you all : Edna, Anna and Lidi for the experience. Dr. Gorbatov was very nice and gave me a diagnosis immediately and instantly was prepared for procedure. in my opinion , the most difficult procedure. Dr Dmitry Gorbatov made me feel at ease and explained everything in advance. He is kind and very gentle with a needle, he has the softest touch I’ve ever experienced !! I am very impressed with Dr. Gorbatov and his professionalism. I have been in a dental emergency , Anna followed up to see how I’m doing and that is something I really appreciate and cherish with all my heart. I was very pleased with my first visit.

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