Keith Miller

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Let me start by saying Dr Gorbatov is amazing, a true credit to the art of dentistry. He is a perfectionist and his assistant Lidi is amazing also in her own right. They both have great personalities as well.I needed a front tooth veneer fixed and a couple of crowns on the bottom replaced. Dr. Gorbatov did a full assessment making complete sense of what I needed, and that was an overhaul of my front teeth. I put my trust in him and went forward and now I have an amazing smile; stable teeth and a perfect bite and I enjoy my food like never before. I also no longer cringe at the thought of having to smile when pictures of being taken. The color we chose was natural and the anatomy of the teeth were fabulously perfect, they don’t look fake or overly white, they are just amazingly beautiful and fit proportionally to my face.I overheard them in the office saying that the doctor sent the teeth back to the lab before my scheduled appointment to tweak and make some minor adjustments because he’s such a perfectionist.If you’re looking for a complete and fantastic smile Dr. Gorbatov is the man. I have been to two dozen different dentists in my life and nobody as ever explain things so well and thought so comprehensively about my teeth.Kudos to Dr. Gorbatov and Lidi and Anna.If you need restoration work don’t go anywhere else.

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